Caught by Sunday Thoughts @ LOVE!

Sometimes we think love has got to be that mushy stuff plastered on anniversary cards or whispered between folks who are Seriously Serious into that commitment thing (relationships, dating, marriage??)  But, for all of us (single or not) there’s that Other Kind of Love that melts our hearts & molds our minds into beautiful beacons of Heavenly Light:  GOD’S LOVE.

Last week in my stack of daily readers i was caught by inspiring thoughts from Søren Kierkegaard on this topic.  Way back in University i studied this Danish theologian in an Existentialism class (somehow related to my German major?) – i remember reading his sentences many times to ‘get it’… The following, however, is quite easy to understand & definitely something my mind has munched on all week… 

‘Tis probably a good idea to let our minds AND hearts munch on…

“This is all I have known for certain, that God is love.  Even if I have been mistaken on this or that point, God is nevertheless love.  If I have made a mistake it will be plain enough; so I repent – and God is love.  He is love, not He was love, nor, He will be love, oh no, even that future was too slow for me, He is love. Oh, how wonderful! Sometimes, perhaps, my repentance does not come at once, and so there is a future.  But God keeps no person waiting, He is love.  Like spring-water which keeps the same temperature summer and winter – so is God’s love.  His love is a spring that never runs dry.”

Søren Kierkegaard, (1813-1855)
from Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard

WY Great Fountain Geyser tallgrace, peace & Everlasting Springs

Virginia : )

p.s. this week Virginia the Blogger is plotting to get back into the Movie groove.  After starting this blog 2 yrs ago initially to be about movies (note the movie list page…. that will hopefully be updated as part of the movie blitz!) it’s Been Awhile … so, even if short reviews, mentions, links… this week we’re heading to The Movies!!!

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7 Responses to Caught by Sunday Thoughts @ LOVE!

  1. Bill says:

    Great shot of Great Fountain Geyser and many good memories from your visit here some moons ago. Good word from Soren too!

    • Virginia says:

      Sa’id Bill! Dwight & I had such a grand time with you in Yellowstone – one of our best-est trips, ever! From your fabulous FB pics, looks like you are still quite the GeyserBuster (fancy gizmos inclusive..)

      Missing you & so grateful to God for the gift of your life!
      grace, peace & GeyserBusters – VA : )

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    And what a comforting thought to begin our week, VA! Look forward to the movies. 🙂

  3. jaymers says:

    Beautiful shot of the geyser! I also enjoyed the quote, now onto the movies… glad you’re back!

    • Virginia says:

      Your guide from the ‘kiddos’ perspective of Yellowstone was so Great – kinda sorta influenced the pic selection for this post, taken during a fantabulous visit to Yellowstone years ago..

      grace, peace & GEYSERS – VA : )

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