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Going with The Flow

Here’s a pic & quickie quote for our hearts to ponder today…. Johnston Canyon @ Banff National Park, CANADA “True love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true … Continue reading

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Cherished and adored, two words that remind me of my father. And loved. Although it’s been three years since Papa passed, there’s still a crater-sized hole in my heart. I don’t think that hole will ever get smaller because Papa … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday L.O.V.E.

The Easter Triduum begins tonight with celebration of the Lord’s Supper & culminates with the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Here are a few thoughts, again, about the L.O.V.E. of Jesus.  Holy Thursday takes us to the Upper … Continue reading

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Here’s a quote from one of my favorite writers for our hearts and minds to munch on: “Our hope is not based on something that will happen after our sufferings are over, but on the real presence of God’s healing … Continue reading

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The Power of Love

Today is Mama & Papa’s wedding anniversary.  Since they were married in 1956, this would have been a big one to celebrate: 60 years!!  The fact that they shared 58 years together before Papa passed is nothing short of a … Continue reading

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… a prayer for compassion…

It’s very late on this Lenten Monday, so here are two short verses for our minds and hearts to munch on … “In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine … Continue reading

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…immortal flowers…

My Mama absolutely loved Amy Carmichael, a dedicated missionary to India from 1896 to 1951.  Mama treasured her many books, poems, and stories about her life.  Mama’s favorite Amy Carmichael book, Rose From Brier, was written during a time of … Continue reading

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Papa, Papa, Papa!!!

Today is March 8th… a date that will not be easily forgotten by this red head.  Yes, it’s International Women’s Day, but more important to me — it’s the anniversary of my Papa’s passing two years ago on March 8, … Continue reading

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Two Blessings (not just one!)

At the end of my 8-day silent retreat in November, Sister Maria McCoy asked me to pick a blessing from a bunch of folded papers in a bowl.  Putting my hand in, out came this first blessing … much to … Continue reading

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We interrupt Virginia’s regularly scheduled blogging with a STORM WARNING: Duck, hide, run for shelter… a storm is on the way (actually, it’s here!) This afternoon while munching lunch, minding my own business (occasionally jotting notes for today’s other blog) … Continue reading

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