spring is (almost) here…

The sun eventually came out today, a reminder that spring is (almost) here – ’twas still a tad chilly to loll about outside!  I know, i know – we’re a bit past the official start date, but our wacky winter obviously waylaid the ‘spring start-up’ memo in too much snow.

On this Lenten ‘spring-is-almost-here’ Monday, here’s a quote from a favorite author for our minds (& hearts) to contemplate:

“Soft pastel shades tint the evenings of spring and the early morning, bringing new hope, new life, especially in the hearts of those who live close to nature. So it is with the people of God.  Hope is like sap rising in the trees. Slowly the snow of doubts, confusion, and criticism is melting away.  More and more people are talking about love. More and more people begin to realize all of us must begin with ourselves and must preach the Gospel with our lives.  Unless each one of us begins to love, and to serve both brethren and enemies, there will be no real change in the world.

Luminous is the light of spring. Luminous is the light of Christ.  Let us enter into this light of the Lord, who brings us the spring of hope, eternally renewed. He brings us the love that can change the whole world if only we incarnate it as He wishes us to… Let us allow the spring of faith, hope, and love to come to our hearts.

Catherine Doherty, Grace in Every Season

Dogwood portraitgrace, peace & spring Light

 Virginia : )

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