winter, winter… winter blues!

Brrrrrizzzy!  It’s cold here with temps dropping down to 12 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.  For Virginia (the State) that’s pretty cold, but for Virginia (the person) that’s REALLY cold! Yesterday while zipping about town in icy, damp weather (all bundled up in warmest winter sweaters) it took a long time thawing out at each destination.

It didn’t help that the temperamental heat in my car DIDN’T WORK.  (To be sure, it now tops the get-fixed-quick list!)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a season for everything.”   Believe me, I am looking forward to SPRING!  Winter can be such a drag. Sure it’s nice to drink copious amounts of hot tea (always a pleasure.) But now, since Lent has knocked hot chocolate off the menu (a daily delight) winter woes abound. It’s too cold to go for a long walk – and what about enjoying the flowers? hey? And the birdies?

But wait, in the bleak cold dreariness of yesterday TWO BLUEBIRDS came to visit our backyard. Maybe the same two my sister-in-law Lynn spotted on Sunday (while visiting for Super Bowl festivities.)  We were floored then & I was completely captivated yesterday. Don’t recall ever seeing bluebirds in the winter here — spotting them in the spring and summer was, and is, a special occasion since they were Mama’s favorite.

What a blessing! Double!!  On the dreariest of dreary winter days!!

Sometimes we hunker down in winter and we don’t look up or out.  Heads up – look around (or you might miss visiting bluebirds.)

Spiritually?  Guess stuff is growing in the winter seasons of our hearts (although it’s hard to tell when there’s frost & snow on everything.)  Our hearts may need extra mittens of God’s mercy and warm coats of His grace as we shiver closer to the warm heater of His love (the closer the better.)  And we better keep the eyes of our hearts open to catch bluebirds of God’s joy sent our way, even on the bleakest days.

“Spring will come in our souls if only we have the patience to last out the winter under the cold snow.  A good winter is the best preparation for a good spring.”  Carlos G. Valles, SJ

snow in Feb

grace, peace & winter blues

Virginia : )

p.s. STAY WARM!!!!!

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2 Responses to winter, winter… winter blues!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    That’s so neat about the bluebirds and your winter blues’ challenge! Friday morning I spotted 7 cardinals in a snow covered tree from our balcony. Their vivid red against the white backdrop of snow was striking. What beauty God has in store for us if we’re only looking!

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