…warm cars, warm hearts…

Today i picked up my happily heating car from the shop just in time for it to be 66 degrees tomorrow. How hilarious is that?  My heater now works.  Turns out the solution was rather simple — it needed more coolant to make it warm.  (Sounds weird, but evidently coolant is needed to make your car heater work.)

I’ve been driving around with temperamental heat since December thinking something was seriously wrong – & it was just a quick fix!  Of course, I asked them to check everything thoroughly so they fixed a few more things, but egads, i could have been driving all this time without freezing my tushi, toes (& various other body parts!)

my bad.

Is there a Lenten Friday lesson in this? I hope so because I have to dash (evening plans & all that.)  Sometimes we make faith so complicated …and we don’t ask God for help when our lives seem so complicated.

Ask, and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be opened.

Jesus said it.  Believe it.

Now (not three or four months from now.)

Don’t let’s keep driving our lives around for months without the heat of God’s love. The coolant of the Holy Spirit is available to fill us up (as crazy as that sounds, i know, but maybe coolant to cool down our tempestuous leanings?)  whatever!

.. and let’s take whatever is complicating our lives right now and place it at the feet of Jesus.  Let Him fix it (or fix us to fix it)… or, if it’s God’s will for us to face tough challenges, let Jesus give us the gasoline of grace to continue driving by faith in the warmth of His love.

“…in faith you talk with God, in hope you listen to God, in love you experience God.”  (Carlo Carretto)

FL SA St George St purple mustang (2)grace, peace & warm cars, warm hearts

Virginia : )

p.s. Check out this PURPLE Mustang sighted during November’s visit to St. Augustine in Florida. Cool!!

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5 Responses to …warm cars, warm hearts…

  1. elvagreen123 says:

    Sometime we ask God to help, and two minutes later our earthly thinking process is back in place, so when I pray I have to ask for the ability to stay in a faith-based frame of mind. Cause I pray, then I get nervous. Then I remember that God knows me better than I know myself, then most times I can relax and recognize the blessing when it comes. Whew! And yea! What a cool mustang!

    • Virginia says:

      Elva – here’s to relaxing in God’s grace (to stay in that faith-based frame of mind) — God is real, so we can be real, too (Thank GOD!) You are a blessing – many thanks. And, yes, isn’t that a cool mustang? don’t know why the picture looks blue when it was actually purple in FL (\-or maybe my sunglasses made it look different – oh well, it’s still cool! Blessings to you!

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  3. TMH says:

    Interesting line: “it needed more coolant to make it warm”. I wonder if that can also apply to humans every once in a while. Just a musing.

    • Virginia says:

      Amen, Tim! As a fiery red-head I’ve needed coolant to calm down. My beloved boss in the Middle East famously told me to ‘go stand in front of the fan’ to cool down my my outraged-by-injustice temper! (We still joke about it 20 years later!) 💨🙏😎🙏💨

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