…sparking initiatives…

It’s Sunday night, already! Since Virginia your blogger is very pooped after a very full weekend, this post is a short thought for our minds and hearts to contemplate.  Don’t be fooled by short — read it more than once (& get challenged!)

“Real power is love; love that empowers others, love that sparks initiatives, love that no chain can hold because this love is capable of loving even on the Cross or a deathbed.”  Pope Francis

Think about it…

Is God’s love empowering others through us? Sparking initiatives? Unfettering constrictive chains? Loving even when spat upon or derided by others? Faithful by the bedside of those at the end of their journeys?

JC labyrinth bench fall treesgrace, peace & sparking (powerful) Love

Virginia  : )

p.s. photo taken in November at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Wernersville, PA, during 8-day silent retreat…

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1 Response to …sparking initiatives…

  1. TMH says:

    That last photo epitomizes peace and tranquility.

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