March 15th is my Mama’s birthday.  She would have turned 81 today…

Mama bday flowersI took this picture to send my uncle after he sent those gorgeous flowers for Mama’s 80th birthday (that’s him in the framed picture with my aunt.)  As I blogged last year about Mama’s birthday  (click here to read it) in 2014 we held Papa’s Memorial celebration on March 15th, so we didn’t really do anything for Mama’s 79th.

But last year? We pulled out all the stops!

Z shere mama trellisSince my brother was working on the actual day, my sister and I took Mama out for a lovely ladies lunch at a posh place on Duke of Gloucester Street.  Notice the chocolate dessert?  Mama loved chocolate so she was definitely feted with the good stuff! After lunch we had a grand time rolling Mama’s wheelchair all around Colonial Williamsburg…

Her 80th celebration lasted several weeks — outings with my brother Dwight, gatherings here & there, special times with the grandchildren, and then the big celebration with the whole family.  When the oven went out the day before (disrupting my grand culinary celebratory plans), we ended up taking Mama to a local favorite – Sal’s – where they let us bring in a Ukrops birthday cake.

They made over Mama something special… Italian singing! clapping!

Mamas 80th bday candles cake Sals…it was a night to remember!

Oh, how we remember.  Little did we know Mama would be gone in three short months.  We are grateful for all those special times celebrating the gift of her life.

“Hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts.”  (Romans 5:5)   Thank you, Mama, for pouring the love of God into our hearts in so many ways, for so many days. We love you! We miss you! We hope you’re having a grand time in the Heavenlies with Papa, Jesus & all the saints…


… to leave you with a smile, here’s a bit more of Mama getting feted with the “good stuff” (CHOCOLATE!!!)   A favorite dessert of hers …

Z sonja beforeA daunting mountain of chocolate…

Z sonja afterHaPpY HaPpY HaPpY!!

grace, peace & happy birthdays

Virginia : )

p.s. all photos brought to you by VA’s iPhone.  One last pic of Mama contemplating her birthday chocolate stash (notice she’s already sampled one..)

Mama 80th bday chocolatesHAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!

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8 Responses to HaPpY HaPpY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!

  1. Clarke Morledge says:

    She did not eat that whole cake!… do not tell me that.

    That is crazy!!

    • Virginia says:

      Clark — notice there were TWO forks – she had a little help (but not much.) Mama could be very strategic around chocolate (like asking profound questions when the dessert arrived then multi-tasking listening attentively with enjoying lots of cake! : ) Blessings to you as you remember (& miss!!!) your mother, too.

  2. So very sweet, Virginia. It really is hard to believe that she was gone three months later…. honestly. She looked so very happy here with you all.

    • Virginia says:

      We are so grateful for many precious memories from last year. Our hearts are sad, very sad, that Mama’s time here with us without Papa was so short, But looking back, we’re grateful the one month of intense suffering (including 2 weeks of hospice here in the home) was not prolonged. (We still managed to slip in a few hymn sings & special times before she became completely bedridden that last week..)

      Thanx for posting the special pic from Papa’s Memorial service yesterday on FB – it’s one to treasure! Blessings & hugs!!

    • Virginia says:

      Precious niece, you are following in her footsteps! Mama prayed for the Martin family every morning around the breakfast table – for you, Randy, Ty, Grey, Eden & Brighton. Oh how she loved you (& your wee ones!) What joy you are, and what joy you brought to your Grandmommy — the joy of Jesus, in you, thru you..

      love, love, love & hugs! – auntie v

  3. Virginia says:

    Reblogged this on Roses in the Rubble and commented:

    Today sharing this blog from last year (dust still settling after returning from a two-week trip with my brother, more on that later..) We still miss our Mama, so much!

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    This is so heart warming, GL❣

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