Lord, Please Save Me (us, you, them-all!)

With what’s happened in Charlottesville this weekend (so unbelievable in the sleepy university town where I spent four years as an undergrad) and with our Gospel readings for today (about Peter walking on the water), I dusted off this prayer written during the early days of my parental care-giving gig (which got a little overwhelming, at times!)  Maybe today we can say, “Lord, please save US!”

Saint Peter jumped out of the boat and walked on the water to Jesus. It was a fine time until he looked down: there was no ground, just deep sea all around. His faith step faltered and he started to sink, then cried out: Lord, please save me! Today I tried that walking on water faith thing, but when the going got tough, like St. Peter I prayed:

Lord, Please Save Me

(the surf down here is getting rough!)


Waves of frustration swell the shores of my anger

(nothing is going my way today)

shake – rattle – let go

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of self-doubt stir up the shores of my insecurities

(I am just a nothing nobody)

shake – rattle – look up

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of apathy crush my empathy for the suffering in this world

(there’s already too much on my plate)

shake – rattle – look around

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of fear freeze my courage muscles

(can’t, won’t, NOT, too scared to try)

shake – rattle – work them out

Lord, please save me!!

Waves of mold muddle the shores of my mildewed mind

(too much mindlessness, too little mind-filled-ness)

shake –rattle – be transformed

Lord, please save me!

Waves of helplessness hash the shores of my abilities

(challenges are TOO big, I am TOO small)

shake – rattle – take a leap of faith

Lord, please save me!

Waves of doubt drain the shores of my faith

(why now? why this? why ME?)

shake – rattle – believe

Lord, please save me!

Waves of love surround the shores of my prickly heart

(what’s that soft knocking I hear?)

shake – rattle – open up

Lord, please save me!

Waves of joy shower the shores of my sadness

(Beautiful Savior, come to save me!)

shake – rattle – be lifted up

Lord, please save me!

Waves of mercy wash the shores of my thirsty heart

(Holy Redeemer, forgive me!)

shake – rattle – receive

Lord, please save me!





grace, peace & stormy weather

: /   Virginia  : )

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4 Responses to Lord, Please Save Me (us, you, them-all!)

  1. Debbie says:

    Seems to me, the best thing we can do — during stormy as well as calm times — is to pray!!

    • Virginia says:

      Amen, Debbie – praying is good. I’ve used this quickie one from St. Peter many times (the shortest in the Gospels) but methinks longer ones may hold God’s attention a little longer? 🙂 grace, peace & prayer! – Virginia

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    That’s a great prayer, Ginny, simple, yet profound! So sorry to hear about the tragedy in your beloved Cville ☹️

    • Virginia says:

      It’s too unbelievable for words (altho I just tried to write a few…) We need to get down on our knees & PRAY (really hard) then stand up for equality against all this extremism. St. Peter’s prayer is a good one: Lord, please save us (from sinking in waves of despair!) Love & hugs – gL :/

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