Our Father: A Prayer for Daily Help

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 6:7-15 encompasses what we call the Lord’s Prayer, how Jesus taught His disciples (& us) to pray. Sometimes we say this prayer so quickly the words barely register, but if we slow down it can become a ‘grid’ from which to pray – something I started doing years ago at the beginning of each day. Here’s a prayer snapshot of what that looks like.

Our Father, who art in Heaven *** Hallowed be Thy Name…

Your name, O Lord, is greatly to be praised! How magnificent is Your name, the Name above ALL names: King of Kings, Lord of Lords, El Shaddai, Almighty All-Powerful God, Heavenly Father… Blessed is the name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Rose of Sharon, our Bright Morning Star, Emmanuel, God-with-us… Blessed is the name of the Holy Spirit, Holy Comforter, Dew of Light, Flame of Heaven…

Our hearts bow before You, Heavenly Father, in adoration & praise – Holy Redeemer, Savior & Lord, Most Merciful & Compassionate God…

We thank You for Your faithfulness, Your forgiveness, Your mercy and Your miracles – for Your Heavenly paintbrush in the beauty of creation all around us, within us.

We worship You, O Lord. We praise You. We love You. We thank you for Your unfailing love that remains constant: the love of our divine “Abba”…

Thy Kingdom come *** Thy will be done *** On earth as it is in Heaven…

Please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us, so that Your Kingdom may come within us – in our hearts and minds and spirits. Let Your light shine through the cracks of these earthen, clay pots to touch the lives of others. Help us reflect the Light from Your Kingdom, where love and joy and mercy reign supreme.

We ask that Your will be done. May Your will be done in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our cities, in our countries, in our world. Where violence, despair, and apathy prevail – where there is conflict (Sudan, the Congo/DRC, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/ Palestine, Syria, Somalia…) – may Your will be done. Where diseases – HIV/AIDS, malaria, cancer – ravage lives, may Your healing love be touched and felt. May Your will be done on this earth, as it is in Heaven…

Please align our desires with Your desires. Transform our hearts and minds with Your wisdom and love so we may know You better. Let the eyes of our hearts be enlightened to grasp the hope for which You have called us, the riches of the saints who have gone before us, and Your incomparably great power for us who believe. Empower & empassion us, Lord God, to be Your hands and feet of love to all we encounter today.

Give us this day our daily bread…

Lord, please meet all the needs of this day. Anoint the work of our hands and affirm us in Your love. Please help us to be calmly content in all situations (especially the challenging ones) with extra doses of Your grace & peace. May You bless our loved ones with Your love & mercy throughout this day.

And forgive us our trespasses,

                                    as we forgive those who trespass against us…

Forgive us, O Lord, for our sins… for what we have done and what we have failed to do in our thoughts, words and deeds. We are sorry, so sorry, for sinning against You. Your forgiveness comes at a great price: the sacrifice of Your son, our Lord Jesus Christ, His blood running through thorns and nails down the side of the Cross.

Have mercy, Oh Lord, have mercy on us, on me.

Forgive us.    Forgive us.   Forgive us.

Help us, O Father, to forgive those who have hurt us. Fill us with Your supernatural grace, as You have forgiven us, to forgive others through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And lead us not into temptation *** but deliver us from evil…

Father God, our faith is so fickle when we fall with the darts of the enemy; too often and too easily he preys upon our weaknesses. Strengthen our faith, O God, to withstand temptation. Through the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, protect us from evil. Please set watch-guards on the gates of our minds, hearts and spirits to shield us from the lies and deceit of the evil one.

Let Your light blot out any darkness within us. Shine Your flashlight of holiness into the dark corners of our souls. Deliver us, O God, from evil, that we might be Your hands and feet to the hurting of this world, especially those decimated by evil. “But for the grace of God, there go I…”  Deliver us, O Lord, so we might bring them into the warmth of Your forgiving arms – as we place ourselves there.

Fill us with what pleases You — Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your grace, Your mercy, Your compassion, but especially Your wisdom, O Lord, to follow Your path and resist temptation, as we place our hope in You.

For Thine is *** The Kingdom *** The Power *** and The Glory…

Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, O God. Please give us ‘Kingdom eyes’ to see what You’re about around us, within us. Equip us with Your power, especially when we think we can’t, we’re not & we don’t want to – O Lord, help us know what YOU want, who YOU are, and what YOU can do – even the impossible in us, through us, with us…  

…that You may be glorified–this day & always!

 Forever and ever, AMEN.

grace, peace & daily prayers

Virginia : )

p.s. LoL! Scurrying about this morning I rushed through the Our Father – then read the Gospel for today. Sat down & prayed it again, this time reverently & slowly (with all the worship bits included.) A better way to start even the busiest of days. 🙂

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12 Responses to Our Father: A Prayer for Daily Help

  1. Carol-Jo says:

    I slowed down as well…beautiful..
    Blessings Virginia

    • Virginia says:

      Blessings to you, Carol-Jo. Sometimes we can slow down even if we’re madly dashing about by saying it as we go – meaningfully (vs. the 100-yard-prayer dash!) 🙏😜🙏

  2. arlene says:

    Beautifully written Virginia.

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Arlene! During an 8-day silent retreat 10 yrs ago, I found a book by St. Teresa of Avila that I hadn’t seen before – in it she teaches her sisters how to pray by using the Our Father. Eureka! What an affirmation for this groupie of hers. 🌷🙏🌷

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    I just started this practice, Ginny, and you’ve just given me lots more material. So beautifully written, too! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Virginia says:

      Well, Cin -Papa also covered it in his Prayer booklet (as Jane Hanson noted on FB!) So we’re in good company using the Our Father as a way to pray (& begin our days.) 🙏🤗🙏

  4. TMH says:

    A nice break from the daily secular routine. Thanks!

    • Virginia says:

      You’re welcome, Tim. I don’t usually write this prayer out, but one weekend stuck in a rural Tanzanian guesthouse without wheels I did just that – & here it is still sharable (& similar to this cracked clay pot’s morning prayers!) 🙏🤗🙏

  5. thank you so very beautiful.

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