Scattering Seeds (quickie quote!)

Quickie quote today also presents a challenge –  do we have courage to continue scattering seeds of hope even when the wind gets fierce?

”I must set my face to the wind & scatter my handful of seeds. It is no big thing to scatter seeds, but I must have the courage to keep on facing the wind.”  Arab proverb

82DA83E7-55F6-4D04-AA42-9C4F4C30FCD6Scattering seeds of hope (possible @ sunset of our lives, too!)

grace, peace & seeds of hope

Virginia : )

p.s. Pics today via Virginia’s iPhone

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4 Responses to Scattering Seeds (quickie quote!)

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Great quote, Ginny! Wonderful pics of Willow Pond Farm sunsets, too. 😊

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks Cin – BB & I saw another beautiful sunset last night, too. Here’s to scattering seeds of hope no matter how feisty the wind. (And much gratitude, sis, for scattering & watering seeds of hope in your sis!) Big hugs! 💨🙏💨🌷💨☀️💨🤗💜

  2. JOY journal says:

    🙂 Have a blessed weekend!

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