#ADVENT: Dewdrops of Mercy and Light

On this fourth and final Sunday of Advent (with Christmas just around the corner), Virginia is contemplating walking in the Light of God’s love…

“Arise, shine, for the Light of the world is come…” (Isaiah 60:1)

“Walk in the Light, beautiful Light, come where the dewdrops of mercy shine bright…” Thomas Whitfield

“May Your waxen candles flaming spread their warmth, as their glow flickers darkness into light. May Your will be done to make us one again; may Your love’s glimmering hope illuminate our night.

When now the silence spreads around us, O let us hear the sounds You raise, of world unseen in growth abounding, and the children chanting hymns of praise.

The forces of good surround us in wonder, they firm up our courage for what comes our way, God’s with us from dawn to slumber of evening, the promise of Love at break of each day.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

grace, peace & dewdrops of God’s Love

Virginia : )

Photos: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond (VA)

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5 Responses to #ADVENT: Dewdrops of Mercy and Light

  1. Cjo says:

    Little tears in my eyes after reading your blog

  2. arlene says:

    Excited for the coming of CHRISTmas. Have a blssed one Virginia 🙏🌲🤶

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