#Lent : Jesus The Teacher

Visiting Saint Catherine’s Monastery at the base of Mount Sinai in Egypt years ago, I encountered the icon of Jesus the Teacher, also called the Christ Pantocrater. One of the oldest icons in the world, the image on that ancient wall resonated mightily with me. I acquired a framed copy and put it on my office wall in the Middle East. It subsequently made the trek with me to Africa. Now it hangs on the wall here where I see it every day.

I like the faith reminder that we are meant to keep learning, that Jesus always has more to teach us, new things if we keep asking. Our faith is not a series of stagnant postulations, but an evolving journey of daily discovery (with heavenly Help!)

When I look at this icon it reminds me to pray: “Jesus Christ, teach me Your ways.”  Sometimes when my ways bump up against His ways later in the day I often add, “Please open my mind, heart, and spirit that I may know Your ways and DO THEM!”

As a wisdom groupie, I also like this icon as an affirmation of my daily (sometimes hourly) prayer: “Jesus Christ, please transform my heart, mind and spirit with Your wisdom.”

Listening closely to the icon, it’s also as if Jesus is saying:

“Study My words. Know My words. BE My words.”

grace, peace & inspired icons

     Virginia : )

“…Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

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6 Responses to #Lent : Jesus The Teacher

  1. arlene says:

    Just love this..would it be a forty-day reflection?

  2. parkermccoy says:

    That is a striking image. Wow! And yes, Jesus always has more to teach us. Thank you so much for posting, Virginia!

    • Virginia says:

      Glad you appreciate this deeply spiritual image & reminder there’s always more to learn on our faith journeys. Thankfully, Jesus is also generous with His love & mercy, too. Blessings! 🌟🙏🌟💜🌟

  3. My Carmel says:

    I love this icon of Christ, the Pantocrator. What a blessing your trip to Mount Sinai. It’s in my bucket list to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt one day, God willing. Hugs and a blessed Lenten season dear Virginia! ❤

    • Virginia says:

      Hope that you are having a blessed Lenten season, Patty. Mount Sinai is an incredible place. On a clear day from the top you can see into 4 countries. Climbing up the Stairs of Repentance is truly a spiritual exercise in more ways than one! There’s an easier path (highly suggest taking that one.) I love this icon of Jesus the Teacher. I carefully packed this 12”by 5” frame in my suitcase to Africa. Putting it on my office wall there, it served as a daily reminder to keep asking, seeking & knocking. Blessings, Patty! 🙏🌟🙏🤗🌟

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