MAMA: Occasions of Joy

March is a month of remembrances for my family: Papa’s passing on March 8th, Mama’s birthday on March 15th, and their anniversary on March 17th.

Today Mama would have turned 85. We were so blessed to celebrate her 80th birthday three months before she died, an occasion of great joy.

Mama on her 80th with my sister, Shere

This week as my younger brother, Dwight, and I discussed Mama’s birthday we remembered her love and many occasions of joy. Although our family weathered our share of tough times, Mama’s faithful love left a big legacy of joy in our hearts.

Another occasion of joy (Dwight, Shere & Mama)

She took such tender care of our Papa, who was a quadriplegic for 28 years of their 58 year marriage. From a wheelchair to his last 12 years completely bedfast, Mama steadfastly looked after him. Serving tirelessly as his hands and feet, she always did it with a smile!

Mama & Papa on their 50th

Mama faced many challenges, but she chose to be joyful. The last few years of their lives, she and Papa set aside time every Sunday afternoon to go through hymns. They memorized the words of a hymn and then would sing it together. During stressful times Mama and Papa often joyously sang these hymns for comfort and consolation.

Mama & Papa, singing & snuggling

Mama delighted in so many things. She loved bluebirds, violins, music, flowers (especially gardenias), and she really loved CHOCOLATE (something my sisters, nieces and I inherited from her.)

Taking Mama out for treats at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, she was always up for the challenge of their SOGNO DI CIOCCOLATA…


An occasion of JOY!

One of Mama’s cards that I use as a bookmark (and see every day) has an apt message for this Sunday in Lent. Sent to me when I worked in a Middle Eastern conflict zone, she said,

“God has brought you through ‘many a danger’ there. May His wonderful grace and great love continue to be your companions as you finish your course – running well to the end.”

Mama finished her course, running well to the end with a legacy of love and many occasions of joy we treasure in our hearts.


grace, peace & joy

Virginia : )

“Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

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12 Responses to MAMA: Occasions of Joy

  1. Robert Partington says:

    What an amazing legacy your Papa and Mama left you!

  2. What wonderful photos and what a face and smile! Seriously, she must’ve really been something quite special. I’m not an overly sensitive person yet the moment I saw your photo of her smiling, I felt a pang…a missing of someone never met. How strange?!
    I do believe there are those who….are a special light? In the world and when it’s left this place, the world feels the loss, misses it in some way.
    I’m sorry for this loss for you but rejoice for the season that you gifted to bask within it’s glow.

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Laura, for your beautiful words of comfort and grace. My Mama truly left a deep legacy of love and faith with me, my family and all who knew her. We miss her! Blessings to you and your family. Please be safe!

  3. Cjo says:

    Miss your Mama too

    • Virginia says:

      I know you miss your precious mother, too, Carol-Jo. WE are both so blessed with big legacies of love from our mothers. Blessings and BIG hugs. Stay safe !

  4. Norma and Billy Burk says:

    What a special lady! We loved her too.

    • Virginia says:

      Norma, thank you for your love for my precious mother! You go so far back with our family – so many memories. Big hugs and much love to you. Please stay safe!!!

  5. My Carmel says:

    So beautiful tribute to your beautiful mama! Love all the photos! May she rest in God’s loving arms and eternal peace! ❤

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Patty. My mama did so much for so many years I hope God is giving her lots of rest and Heavenly recovery. May the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding fill you (and this redhead) at this challenging time. HUGs! Virginia

  6. My Carmel says:

    Amen! Big Hug Virginia! 🙏🤗💜

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