Peace and Understanding

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” George R.R. Martin

This redhead understands what it’s like to be afraid. As a survivor of violence (as posted here previously:#MeToo) I experienced feelings of abject terror, even in broad daylight. For years fear fractured my life in Big Ways.

I do understand what it means to be afraid.

But, as a redhead white chick I do not understand what it’s like to walk in a public place and be afraid of the very people who are meant to protect us and our rights as equals under the law (and in God’s eyes, too!)

Those tasked with protecting our most basic human right: to life.

I am mad, upset, aghast, appalled at what happened to George Floyd on Monday night in Minneapolis – a fellow American, a human being who deserved LIFE, not death in the custody of 4 police officers.

But my anger doesn’t hold a candle to what his family and African Americans across this country must feel.

I can try to put myself in their shoes – how would I feel if it was me? my brother? my father? my son? my friend?

But, I can’t understand fully, because I have not walked in public places where those wearing badges are harbingers of fear.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

To my white friends out there, here’s a challenge. Let’s raise our voices against this injustice and all others like it.

Racially motivated violence perpetuated by the police (or anyone) is unacceptable!

But understand that we don’t fully understand the depth of fear out there. The frustration, despair, and rage at this death compounded by precious black lives lost previously.

It’s real.

It’s devastating.

It’s cutting through hearts deeper than any sword.

I am so sorry for the senseless loss of George Floyd’s life. May his soul rest in the Everlasting Peace of God.

And may the peace of God somehow change attitudes and calloused hearts everywhere that we are beloved of God, all of us (not just some!)


grace, peace & understanding


“God, Thy will be done in father, mother, child in everything and everywhere; without reserve, without a BUT, an IF, or limit.” Saint Francis de Sales

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10 Responses to Peace and Understanding

  1. Acknowledgment is a big step. I thank you for this post….it succinctly highlights great points regarding the current climate of things.
    It is indeed a very devastating situation. I’m lost for words. …it’s exhausting…overwhelming…saddening….it’s a lot.

    • Virginia says:

      It is a lot of heartbreak to take in, Cyn. Heartache, heartbreak + fear and (understandable) anger at too many injustices. May God open hearts to listen, understand & stand up for constructive change. Much love 🌹💜🙏🌹

  2. gmccjosinski says:

    Amen, Virginia

  3. Rageshree says:

    I was devastated after listening to this incident and watching the video. I mean I was comply speechless. We often look up to America thinking that they are the most open minded of the countries and it just disappoints especially when it comes to racism. I don’t think it’s that hard to think with a clear mind. Thank you for this post. I hope you are safe and happy❤️

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Rageshree. America certainly has MANY challenges and shameful parts of our history. Freedom, equality & inalienable rights for all is the basis of our Constitution – it’s there in our laws – but as citizens we must do our active bits to make sure those rights are upheld, especially for our African American community. Black Lives Matter! 🌟🌎🌟

      • Rageshree says:

        Every country has challenges and they are all unique and at the same time connected to each other. There is racism in our country too but not the same kind as in the US. It is sad that the African American community has to face discrimination on a daily basis. People are threatened by the very existence of black people and we should realise that this behaviour is not acceptable.
        Black Lives matter!💞

      • Virginia says:

        Amen, Black Lives Matter!! 💞🤗💕

  4. TMH says:

    Virginia! I just started my week with a Roses in the Rubble carousel of posts. Thanks for your sincere insights. These are not good times. Am tired of people politicizing these issues. This–and other immediate concerns in our society–is about morality, not politics or media bias. Or at least it should be.

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