25 October: PAPA! PAPA! PAPA!

Today is my papa’s birthday. This would have been a big one to celebrate: 90 years. How I miss him, especially today.

The fact that he was 83 when he passed is no small miracle. As a quadriplegic for over 25 years (12 as a bedfast quad), Papa’s doctors couldn’t believe it when he turned 70! Then 75! Then 80!

Celebrating Papa’s birthday was always a Big Deal because each day of his life truly was a gift. The festivities usually lasted the whole month of October with celebratory meals, special visits from friends and family, myriad cards and calls from afar.

Those October celebrations are now treasured memories, but I never will forget the way Papa approached life each day. He always said, “My blessings outweigh my challenges.”

Although he was in intense pain 24/7 and couldn’t move anything (even to wipe his nose) Papa had such gratitude. Not a day went by he didn’t thank us, profusely, and tell us how much he loved us.

You should have heard what he said to Mama. The Mush Police ran out of ticket paper! (Mama, we miss you, too!)

This morning in church thinking about Papa it clicked: his life demonstrated GRACE. Yes, he was also filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus, but day in and day out he dealt with pain, loss of mobility, and complete dependence on God and others with abounding grace.

To honor his 90th birthday, here’s something Papa taught me and many others about grace.

“God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound unto every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Papa broke down this verse this way:

“God is able to make all grace (not just a little bit of grace), abound (not just trickle), toward you (not just your pastor and missionaries, but toward you), that you (Paul repeats you for emphasis), always (not just sometimes), having all sufficiency (not just some sufficiency), in all things (not just some things), may abound (not just limp along), unto every good work (not just some good works.)”


grace, peace & celestial cake

Virginia : )

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18 Responses to 25 October: PAPA! PAPA! PAPA!

  1. craig says:


  2. Ileana says:

    La mulți ani frumoși! 🎂🍀

  3. Edie Rittinger says:

    Thanks for your wonderful reminder of your Papa. I loved the way he could break down a sentence from the scripture, and make it so application to life today.

  4. gmccjosinski says:

    No words ….just a smile and a tear of Joy..cj

  5. Virginia,
    This is so beautiful and powerful. I do believe God led me right her to your words today as I’ve been reflecting on my mom’s cancer and passing today. I’m going to commit this scripture to memory. ❤️
    Thank you,

    • Virginia says:

      Deb, so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. May the everlasting arms of Jesus encircle your heart with extra doses of comfort and love. I miss my mama, too – she passed a year after Papa. God’s amazing, abounding grace be with you! ✨🌟🙏💜🌟

  6. Debbie says:

    God blessed you with a very special papa, Virginia — happy birthday to him in Heaven!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Debbie. I’m sure Papa had a grand time especially if celestial choirs got in on the celebration. He loved to sing! He and Mama memorized hymns and belted them out every Sunday (& during the week as well!) Blessings! 🌟✨🎶✨🌟

  7. What a beautiful soul he must have been. 83 is no small feat at all!
    Happy heavenly birthday to him.
    I especially love the quote. Truly, our blessings outweighs the challenges. Something to keep at the back of the mind when these challenges gets loudly overwhelming.
    Thank you for sharing your memory of him and an amazing break down of the verse with us.
    Love, hugs, & light to you. 💝🙂

    • Virginia says:

      Love & hugs & Light to you Cyn – I hope (& pray) that all is well with you in these challenging times. Losing someone we love is hard – on one hand I know Papa is now pain free for all eternity (a comforting thought) but I miss him (the hard part!) Wishing you God’s amazing grace, the abounding kind! Hugs! ✨🌟🤗🌟✨

  8. As lovely a tribute as I have ever read. What an outstanding man, You made me love him too. love Michele

    • Virginia says:

      Michele, the way you have written about your father made us love him, too. I know you must miss him terribly! But, just like my papa, he left a large legacy of love in the hearts and lives he touched. Much love!!!! ✨🌟💜🌟✨

  9. Garfield Hug says:

    ❤🙏🎂🤗Garfield hugs.

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