As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Christmas, Virginia is contemplating a major part of the nativity story, yet silent in the narrative: Baby Jesus.

Why did God choose to send Our Savior as a baby? Babies are helpless bundles of neediness. Their diapers need changing, tummies need filling, lungs need burping…there’s quite a long list of baby neediness.

2020 has been so whacked with challenges. Perhaps we are feeling a little helpless with so many things out of our control. In these uncertain times it’s not hard to feel a little hopeless, too.

Perhaps Jesus came as a baby to show us something.

As He is helpless in the form of a baby, so too are those He loves: babies of all ages in this world with helpless hearts and hopeless minds.

As He was a helpless baby in Bethlehem loved by His Mother, so too, He asks us to love Him – freely, tenderly, warmly – as she loved Him. Think of Jesus, our Savior, with tiny hands and tiny feet growing up to save the world from death, despair and destruction.

To the Cross He tarries not, but for joy He comes as a child in the manger: Joy – Love and Peace – that the world may know Him and make Him known.

Rejoice, rejoice! We are not alone!

grace, peace & Baby Jesus

Virginia  : )

“The Almighty appeared on earth as a helpless human baby, needing to be fed and changed and taught to talk like any other child. The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets. Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as this truth of the Incarnation.” J.I. Packer

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  1. Merry Christmas to you!!

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