Palm Sunday: Ascending Love

On this Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion there is a great deal to contemplate. Jesus arrives triumphantly into Jerusalem on a donkey with people singing Hosannas and waving palms. A few Scripture readings later He ends up betrayed, scourged and crucified.

The Cross and love of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything, every nail of suffering He endured that we might know His love and be set free.

At the end of today’s readings the body of Jesus is put into a tomb. But, the good news is He doesn’t stay there. On Easter next Sunday we will celebrate Resurrected Love, Resurrected Light – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

During Holy Week as we walk with Christ on His path of suffering, know that He walks with us in whatever hardships we are facing. He can take what is dragging us down, and turn us around with transformative grace and love.

“Jesus presents to us the great mystery of the descending way. It is the way of suffering, but also the way to healing. It is the way of humiliation, but also the way to resurrection. It is the way of tears, but of tears that turn into tears of joy. The descending way of love becomes the ascending way of love, the way to joy, peace, and new life.  The cross is transformed from a sign of defeat into a sign of victory, from a sign of despair into a sign of hope, from a sign of death into a sign of life.” Henri Nouwen

A blessed Palm Sunday to all!

grace, peace & Ascending Love

Virginia : )

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4 Responses to Palm Sunday: Ascending Love

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Reminds me of the hymn, “There s a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel’s veins; and sinners plunged beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains!!”

  2. Debbie says:

    A most blessed Palm Sunday to you, too, Virginia! We had wicked storms last night but now the sun is out — yay!

    • Virginia says:

      Glad the sun is shining there, Debbie! We had tremendous storms last nite here (hail-ish rain woke me up @ 4:00AM!) but sun came out this afternoon. Yay! Wishing you a blessed Easter Triduum! ✨🌹✨

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