There are celebratory grooves going on here at Roses in the Rubble!

Today Virginia commemorates TEN YEARS of blogging. Bring out the chocolate cake, light those candles, it’s time to celebrate! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Virginia tentatively launched her first blog post entitled “Inspiration” out into the blogosphere.

Here are bits from that first effort:


to provide the embers of creativity – to educate – to reflect – to ACT

What inspires us?

Art, beauty, faith, the lives of those who have gone before us

inspire us to believe, to hope, to act.”

“Finding inspiration in Rubble, books, movies, music & more…”

Since then there have been many posts (@ 1,000!) about many things, the kind of things that interest Virginia (and she hopes others, too!) Inspirational quotes (lots & lots of those), photographs, personal reflections, travel, books, movies, flowers, several post-a-day Advent & Lent gigs and more (teatime anyone? humor? tree groupies of the world unite?)

It took awhile to figure out things like “tagging” but the most fun part of blogging these ten years has been meeting other blogging buddies around the world. You have made – and continue to make – the blogosphere a fun place to hang out.


A big THANK YOU to faithful readers (family, friends, blogging buddies inclusive) who inspire and encourage me in so MANY WAYS.

grace, peace & celebratory grooves

Virginia : )

“Imagine. Create. Inspire.”

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  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations!! I’ll enjoy some celebratory cake with you today. 🙂🎂

  2. francisashis says:

    Congratulations!Wish your blog a very happy Birthday .🎂💐🌹🎶🎵🎸🎹😊🙏👏👌🎷🎺💗

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    That’s awesome, Virginia … congratulations! The blog has been bearing much fruit and spreading hope and comfort to many … keep on writing!✍️
    Your devoted fan (& sis)!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks for being this blog’s first cheerleader, Cin!! Ten years is a long time to keep cheering your sis on (& on!) Much love & gratitude (& hugs!) 🌹🎂🌹🎂🤗🎂🌹💜

  4. Garfield Hug says:

    Happy happy 10th blog anniversary!!🎂🥂🎈🎉🎊Cheers to many more blogging years!

  5. elvagreen123 says:

    Happy Blogging Anniversary! Amazing, isn’t it?! Good people here. Love your pictures on this post.

  6. Tammy says:

    Congratulations! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the lovely pictures!!😊 Good job!! 🎉

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks so much, Tammy! Here’s to celebrating with an extra piece of chocolate cake – and/or more chocolate (not that you & I need any excuse!) Hugs! 🍫🎂🍫🤗🍫

  7. sunisanthosh says:

    Congratulations. Love the pictures. 💜

  8. Congratulations! And you are full of inspiration! I am so glad that we met.

  9. GoodLuckNow says:

    I am new to blogging and I can’t wait to reach this milestone myself. Congratulations, thank you for sharing.

  10. Ten years! That’s fantastic. Congratulations!

  11. Tangie says:

    Ten years, wow. Congratulations and remain safe.

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you Tangie, can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I just took a blogcation to recuperate! Thanks for good wishes — hope you stay safe, too. This Delta variant is no joke! Blessings!!! Virginia

  12. A huge thank you to you! You bring celebration and love and joy with each word. Blessings!

  13. Thegreyeye says:

    Congratulations 🎊 🎉 🎊

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