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Fear-Free Zones

The verses from today’s Responsorial Psalm are my absolute FAVORITES! I’ve had them up on a plaque in my room for eons, but most importantly they are engraved in my heart. “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom … Continue reading

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Spreading Love Around

As we navigate this first week of Advent, it’s possible that tempers may be fraying amidst the holiday crush. We may not want to play nice with others, especially if our internal grumble meters are going full speed ahead. We … Continue reading

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A Worry-Less & Trust-More Perspective

Trusting God is sometimes a multi-faceted deal. I say I trust God (and believe I DO trust God) but then get all anxious and worried about things. As we do a little housecleaning in our hearts this Advent, it might … Continue reading

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Words, Words, Words…

So often we miss the opportunity to share an encouraging word. We may be busy on our phones, or take the negative route in our conversations when we disagree with someone. Hey, it’s okay to disagree! But sometimes we’re not … Continue reading

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#ADVENT – God’s Grandeur (@Smith Mountain Lake!)

“Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.” Albert Schweitzer A part of Advent is opening our hearts and … Continue reading

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#ADVENT – Open to Surprises

And so it begins… Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Sometimes it’s hard amidst the bustle of the holiday season to take time (to MAKE TIME) for Advent-ish activities. While the world swirls with holiday parties, decorations and go-go-go … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woody Inspiration…

The last few weeks haven’t seemed much like fall in these parts. Saturday temps hit 82 (28C) but Sunday temps dropped to 60F and Virginia had to pull out her blankets Sunday night. Fall is (finally) on the way here … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday…

It’s Monday….and so another week begins. To help one and all deal with Monday piles & pressures, Virginia is sending a little flowery joy your way. A great way to start the week – contemplating roses! “There is no rose … Continue reading

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October 15: Saint Teresa of Ávila!!

Once again it’s the feast day of one of my favorite saints affectionately known as Saint Teresa of Jesus. I am a huge groupie of this amazing woman who lived long ago (1515-1582) but who continues 500+ years later to … Continue reading

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Snapshots & Whatnot: Foggy Day Clarity

My older sister Shere & her husband live on a farm not far from Williamsburg where Virginia (the person) lives in Virginia (the state.) Last fall when they needed to be off somewhere I stayed over to look after my … Continue reading

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