ambulance chasers & encounters with medical ‘Roses’ – (the living, breathing kind!)

We are celebrating the Gift of Life around here after going through the recent rubble of medical emergencies & hospital stays for my bed-fast quadriplegic Papa. Each day we thank God for the Gift of Life, but this week our thanksgivings are ‘seriously serious!’  As Papa told the Home-Healthcare nurses, “I thought pneumonia would be my ticket Home – but I’m still HERE!”  We are glad, & gladder still when contemplating precious Roses encountered along the way…

After several home-visits from Dr. Cummings, (a most AMAZING medical Rose who has looked after Papa for YEARS with notched up-grace-filled expertise(!),  Papa’s fever skyrocketed, so we called 911 for an ambulance to zoom him to Hospital.

Four minutes later, the ambulance turned up – with an Ambulance Chaser tailgater.  Not your typical Ambulance Chaser, gentle-giant Milt Hines – the chaplain of our Hospital here in Williamsburg – has been a good friend of Papa’s for many years. As he drove along Route 5 to church Sunday last, he saw a flashing ambulance turn into our neighborhood, so he ‘chased’ it right into our driveway & in the door with the paramedics.  He prayed over them as they worked on Papa & then prayed with Mama as they put Papa on the gurney.

As the loaded ambulance zoomed away, I revved up my car (with Mama safely ensconced inside) & ambulance chased it all the way to the Emergency Room… where Milt somehow beat us & was already there in helpful mode facilitating & praying & facilitating..

wow.  Looking back on that frazzling week in hospital, there were piles of rubble (high fever, pneumonia in lungs, medical stresses…), but there were also so many Roses encountered along the way.  It wasn’t so much the ‘what’ – (although we’re grateful for with-it docs, nurses, meds, tests etc.) – it was the ‘how’… expertise delivered with such grace, gentleness and humor. We were SO blessed.

For example, late one night when Papa had issues of a messy personal nature, two of the night nurses – Terri & Jeanine – helped him so graciously at 1:00AM; a ½ hour later I ran to get them… and they were so glad that Papa was takin’ care of business. Not just glad – happy. (“relief feels good!!!”)  That may be TMI, but you get the picture: REALLY AMAZINGLY NICE NURSES.

So – a BIG THANK you to all in Sentara Williasmburg’s 3-North wing for such amazing care: Terri, Jeanine, Jennifer, Ebony, Billie, Shannon, Bianca, Andra, Kim, Kimberly, Kristen, Laurie… and to spunky Speech Pathologist Kim, Dietician Amy, Volunteer Simon (16 yrs old & at it for 4 yrs!), physical therapist Cathy, Dr. Dimattia & Dr. Ionescu & all the other wonderful amazing staff throughout the hospital.

Other thanksgiving blooms for my Papa came through our family ‘stepping up’… my sister Shere cancelled all her commitments (& birthday celebrations – altho we did find a big piece of chocolate cake in the cafeteria –  gobbled in her honor; it took several tries for a piece of cake to actually reach her upstairs), my sister Cindy took a week off from work & came up from NC… Dwight pitched in, Dean & Lynn came up with Jessey… Woody helped get Papa home… & Mark led the whole extended family on major prayer duty…

whew. God is good (ALL THE TIME!)  Since coming home Papa has struggled with fever & lung challenges, but now the Home-Health Care nurses have left the scent of their blooms all over our home.. (Amazing Anna, Sara, Brenda, PT Sarah, & speech therapist extraordinaire Erin…)  Today Papa is doing oh-so-much-better (thanks be to God!)  altho still weak & ‘wiped out’ (his words..) Hopefully his appointment/ visitor quarantine will be lifted SOON…

For all my FB friends & family friends who have been praying – THANK YOU!

grace, peace & medical mercies




p.s. wonder if Milt can provide a few ambulance chasing lessons at a cut rate??

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2 Responses to ambulance chasers & encounters with medical ‘Roses’ – (the living, breathing kind!)


    God is Good I am so happy to hear and see this. I ahd not visisted you wall fo rso long This PHD!!!

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    VA, Thanks for the beautiful write up of our unforgettable week … now we have it for keeps! 🙂 luv, cin

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