Celebrate Good Times (come’ on!) Let’s have a Celebration…

This is a Big Week in the Woodward Home:  Today is my Mama’s Birthday and Saturday is my parents’ 56th Wedding Anniversary.  ‘Twould not be good of me to give you my Mama’s age (i might Get In Trouble) but the story goes thusly:  Mama turned 21 & married my Papa 2 days later so HER papa couldn’t object (he didn’t like preacher types or folks who worked for The City & my Papa had just come from seminary & drove a City Car as a Social Worker – for the City) … However, the day before the wedding my Grandfather Put Aside his Prejudice & was all smiles to Papa & Mama.

whew!  blessings all around… Mama had met my Papa’s father before she met him. Twas a Good Thing, as after playing violins with my GrandPap-To-Be, she told her mother, “if that man has a son, i want to marry him!”… so when my Papa came to town & saw Mama singing in the Church Choir with the light shining on her Red Hair, he was SMOOTED & quickly Scooted to my Aunt Lolly for an Introduction that led to Mama’s Induction into his life as his wife…

They did not tarry, but got married …a Very Long Time Ago …. YIKES!

That’s lots to celebrate this week… plus we’re thanking God today (Big-time) for the Gift of Mama’s life – so many years filled with love, laughter, good times, challenging times, fun times, tears, overcoming fears, faith, joy, patience (raising FIVE KIDS, yeah right on that one!) & perseverance – especially through 30+ years of my Papa’s quadriplegia (!!!)

FAITHFULNESS… i am so grateful for God’s faithfulness to Mama & Papa, their faithfulness to God… & to Each Other… for FIFTY SIX YEARS.

That’s enough inspiration for me today (the birthday elf must dash as there are Many Things To Do) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!  (we love you…) & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  (we’re very glad you & Papa met!!)

Mama & Papa on their 50th Anniversary (6 yrs ago!)

grace, peace & Celebration(s)

Virginia : )

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