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birthdays + getaways = birthday getaways

This weekend my brother & I are zooming out of town to celebrate his birthday.  Since Dwight is my YOUNGER BROTHER, his age shall not be divulged.  Let’s just say there are a few decades to celebrate. LIFE IS A … Continue reading

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… birthdays… and anniversaries!!

Today is Mama’s 80th Birthday(!!!) How appropriate it’s also Laetare Sunday when we take the opportunity to “rejoice” amidst the somberness of Lent. We have kicked rejoicing up a notch to full celebratory happiness as we thank God for the … Continue reading

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…birthdays… birthdays : )

Today is my brother Dwight’s birthday. He is… a year older!!!  (Since i’m his big sister by 18 months, no need to divulge the years. Let’s just say we’re on the other side of 40.) We are so grateful to … Continue reading

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PAPA TURNS 82!!!!!

Today is my Papa’s birthday.  Hmmn, that’s nice (you may think) – a birthday, whoopie. But celebrating my Papa’s birthday is  kinda a Big Deal, cause each day around here life (especially his) is a gift. Way back in 1980 … Continue reading

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Celebrate Good Times (come’ on!) Let’s have a Celebration…

This is a Big Week in the Woodward Home:  Today is my Mama’s Birthday and Saturday is my parents’ 56th Wedding Anniversary.  ‘Twould not be good of me to give you my Mama’s age (i might Get In Trouble) but … Continue reading

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