…birthdays… birthdays : )

Today is my brother Dwight’s birthday. He is… a year older!!!  (Since i’m his big sister by 18 months, no need to divulge the years. Let’s just say we’re on the other side of 40.)

We are so grateful to God for the gift of Dwight’s life. Going back to the beginning (he thanked Mama this morning for her hard work bringing him into this world, while we decided Dad had the easy part.) Dwight’s life is rather miraculous.  He was actually born with a hole in his heart- the doctors told my parents he might not make it to 10.

Papa often recounted the story of what happened during one of Mama’s MCV hospitalizations (when he learned how dirty cloth diapers made it from the pail into nicely laundered piles in the drawers.)  Dwight & i both woke up with croup cough in the middle of the night, so Dr. Dewalt told Dad, “bring the little one in.”

Dwight was hospitalized several times as a child due to the doctors’ concern about his heart.  But the hole eventually closed up… & Dwight ended up helping take care of Papa for 13 years here in Williamsburg before he passed last March.

My brother is so humble… he is such an inspiration to me. He has a heart of gold. Solid. Ever since we were inseparable as children (‘two peas in the pod’) i always knew he had the biggest heart of anyone i know.  Steadfast … generous … talented & tenacious (he has two masters degrees from top universities)  … he has a zest for life & does joy all the time (he puns it up regularly.)  His infectious humor lifted us daily during Papa’s caregiving & continues to buoy Mama & me.

Life is a gift…. We often take it for granted, but birthdays provide an opportunity to be grateful (altho we could do grateful every day!) … & to celebrate. Yes, it’s Lent. We don’t focus so much on joy – but this whole season is about the love of God, which surely is something to be joyful about.

While baking this morning & listening to a little retro Peter, Paul & Mary on the playlist, i thought the lyrics from one of my favs -“Light One Candle”- are good words for Dwight & all of us today…

 Don’t let the light go out,
It’s lasted for so many years!
Don’t let the light go out!
Let it shine through our love and our tears!

Don’t let the light go out!
Don’t let the light go out!
Don’t let the light go out!

Since Virginia, your humble blogger, continues her role as chief cook & bottle washer in these parts — gotta dash to generate good eats for the celebration.  A Brazilian orange Birthday cake is already baked (!) but the timer’s going off to get the mains underway.

Papa and Dwight matchinggrace, peace & Birthdays

       Virginia : )

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6 Responses to …birthdays… birthdays : )

  1. elvagreen123 says:

    Happy Birthday, Dwight. I loved this post, Virginia.

    • Virginia says:

      Elva, many thanks for the birthday greetings (already passed on to Dwight 🙂 He had a grand time being ‘feted & fatted’ – lots of good eats, fellowship & fun (not just on the day but spread out before & after..) whew. Big blessings to you (!) – Virginia

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    A well deserved tribute to Dwight “The Delight” Woodward!

    Mark “Sorry Cindy and I Could Not Be There” Kranich

    • Virginia says:

      You two were definitely missed, but your Kringle was a BIG HIT. (Dwight asked for the last bits of it today for breakfast.) Must confess i had a bite Sat. morning (authentic Danish Kringle from Wisconsin?) …ok, so it was 4 bites! What bliss …oops,must put on Vegan sackcloth : )

      For sure, we also had a decadently delish dinner with Dee-wight!
      grace, peace & Vegan crack (!) – gL : )

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