…earth day inspiration…

It’s Earth Day 2017: a day to give thanks for our truly amazing planet…

… and consider all that needs doing to protect it from imploding. Today our planet Earth faces huge climate change challenges, environmental degradation of natural resources, pollution, lack of safe water access in many communities…

…deforestation and…and…and… the list is, sadly, way too long.

The challenges can be so overwhelming we end up stymied, doing nothing, or maybe just mouthing off sentiments once a year when Earth Day comes around.

“It’s bad, bad, bad – the fault of big corporations and apathetic governments.”

Hey, you (& me), the point of Earth Day (& each day) is #1 – to be grateful for this amazing planet and appreciate the beauty of creation all around us. What a gift! And, #2 – to do our part to take better care of what’s around us.

Getting involved in advocacy campaigns is admirable (check out the Earth Day website for links.) We can, however, have a positive impact on the environment around us by daily choices we make.

At a women’s conference two years ago, my sister and I attended an environmental advocacy workshop. Taking furious notes on the stack of handouts of all the things that needed changing, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Egads, who knew? And what about the cost?  (Why is it that environmentally safe alternatives are often so expensive?) At the end, however, our workshop leader challenged us: instead of trying to change everything (which most often leads to not changing anything), choose ONE THING to change.

And make that change.

I had already switched to organic natural bath soap, made by a local artisan, and we recycle our glass, tin, paper & plastic items (for biweekly curb-pick up in our neighborhood.) So, I decided to switch to environmentally safe laundry detergent. Doesn’t seem like such a huge thing, but two years later, I’m still using ECOS detergent.

Last year I switched to environmentally safe dish detergent… and still going.

Small steps, small choices, but one by one, can make a difference.

Maybe you can ride a bike to work vs. always driving a car? Maybe that next car purchase can be a hybrid? (or electric car? they seem pretty amazing.) Or support locally grown initiatives, farm-to-table restaurants, farmer’s markets (local produce always tastes so much better!) Or get involved in community gardens (or plant your own: my brother has 12 different vegetables going in pots on our deck, and herbs overflowing all around the backyard.)

Looking at water issues globally also overwhelms, but maybe pick a favorite agency to support safe water, like a well or filtration system, for one community?

There’s so much to do, but try to pick ONE THING: and do it. Then, after that’s a habit, choose another…

…taking small steps on the path towards a greener, healthy planet.

“This me, like all of creation, lives in a glorious dance of communion with all the universe. In isolation we die; in interdependence we live.”  Madeleine L’Engle

While searching for favorite musician John Adorney‘s “If a Rose Could Speak” (see my previous blog about it) to finish this off, I found another inspirational song of his, “Even in Your Darkest Hour,” with amazing photographs that are so appropriate for Earth Day. Give it a watch (& listen) and be blessed (not overwhelmed!)

grace, peace & glorious interdependent Earth Day dances

Virginia : )

p.s. all photos taken during Vancouver & Canadian Rockies trip last June. From the top: Lake Minnewanka, a lonely tree @ Morraine Lake, Butchart Gardens pathway, & treeline @ Banff National Park.

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4 Responses to …earth day inspiration…

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Very good presentation, Ginny, and one with good takeaways! Absolutely luv the pics and the song. ♥️

    • Virginia says:

      Aren’t you glad we went to that workshop? I know you were already doing many of the organic things discussed — but it was really helpful for me. We have seven of John Adorney’s compilations — and they keep getting better! DW downloaded his newest one, “A World Awakens,” for our trip that still is on replay! hugs!

  2. TMH says:

    Love the photos [They make me want to emigrate.] and appreciate this line: “Small steps, small choices, but one by one, can make a difference.”

    • Virginia says:

      Tim, Canada 🇨🇦 is looking better & better these days! Years ago I fell into ‘deep like’ with the Maritimes & Quebec, but it was true love in Vancouver & Jasper/Banff! 💜🏔💜⛱💜

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