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Books! Books! Books!

“I cannot live without books.”  Thomas Jefferson Virginia the blogger posted something yesterday & here she is again? But, it’s WORLD BOOK DAY. That’s right, today we celebrate reading, literacy, and BOOKS. As a self-confessed bookaholic (my sister invited me … Continue reading

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…earth day inspiration…

It’s Earth Day 2017: a day to give thanks for our truly amazing planet… … and consider all that needs doing to protect it from imploding. Today our planet Earth faces huge climate change challenges, environmental degradation of natural resources, … Continue reading

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And so it begins….

uh, and so it BEGAN.  The first Sunday of Advent jumped us when we weren’t quite finished munching our Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s now the first Wednesday of Advent, there’s a carol service at church tonight, and Christmas is only 25 … Continue reading

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…mystic mountains, startling joys…

Today’s post will be a wee bit short.  Pourquoi?  After my brother sent the amazing NASA rose galaxies photo for Valentines (I know I shared it the other day, but here it is again in case you missed it.)  I … Continue reading

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…on responding (Quickie Quote)

Here’s a short quote from Madeleine L’Engle for our minds (& hearts) to munch on today: “To refuse to respond is in itself a response… Like it or not, we either add to the darkness of indifference and out and … Continue reading

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wide embraces vs. hidey faces

It’s Ash Wednesday.  And so Lent begins… Ashes. Fasting. Prayer. Repentance. Giving up stuff. Doing more spiritual stuff.   40 days may seem like a long time until we celebrate Easter (especially if it’s life without chocolate ’til then!) Sometimes we … Continue reading

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…twinkling stars & you & me & God!

New Years has come and gone & your humble (ever aspiring to be) blogger (aspiring to be HUMBLE, that is.) Well, she was pooped out after meeting her Advent Challenge which (by God’s grace) she managed a post-a-day (the whole … Continue reading

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