A Blessing of Tenderness

This morning after squeezing out the last few squirts of a favorite lotion, the mangled container looked a bit worse for wear. Who am I kidding? It looked downright sad, worn out, with nothing left to give…

It reminded me of how I felt some days doing the care-giving gig for my papa and mama. Up several times at night, go-go-going all day, trying to grab a 3 minute shower with splash of makeup amidst never ending needs. (Some days a spray of perfume sufficed.)

Some of you may feel like that now. Not just care-givers but parents looking after children, medical professionals serving on the front lines, teachers giving it their all, researchers working around the clock (the “super-heroes” of vaccines) and everyone who continues to live and give sacrificially for others.

For anyone who is worn out and those of you (myself included) who are “tired of” (there’s so much to be “tired of” a year into the pandemic) here’s a blessing for us today:

 “May the God of Tenderness be with you, caressing you with love, gently drawing you into the tenderness of God’s own heart, mellowing you and gentling you as you allow God’s tenderness in you to unfold and blossom.  And may the experience of this tender love so transform you, that others become drawn to our God of love. May the blessing of Tenderness be upon you.” (Sister Maria McCoy)

grace, peace & tenderness

Virginia : )

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6 Responses to A Blessing of Tenderness

  1. Lisa Loden says:

    Thank you Dear Virginia. Your lenten reflections, photos, quotations are like water to my soul. Life in the ME doesn’t get easier. Much love always.

    • Virginia says:

      Much love to you, Lisa! You and David are in my thoughts and prayers. It’s not like there aren’t enough challenges in the ME to add global pandemics to the mix! Plz stay safe!! Hugs & lots of love! ✨💜✨🤗✨💜

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    I think you’ve got the pulse of the majority of us and on so many levels we are tired and “squeezed” out … What a beautiful blessing by Sister Maria McCoy! May we all seek to be “blessings of Tenderness” through Christ in us!!

    • Virginia says:

      When I saw the squeezed out lotion container thought folks might relate- there’s tired, and tired of!! I do love this blessing Sr. Maria shared with me during my last silent retreat. Much love, Cin!💦 ✨🤗✨💦

  3. gmccjosinski says:

    So beautiful…

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