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quickie quote: … Duty of Delight….

Virginia the Blogger has a relatively Good Reason for being M.I.A. the last 2 days of her Lenten Challenge:  KIDNEY STONES.   After partying a Wee Bit Too Much as Rolling Stones (blaring pain, not guitars) the misbehaving stones finally rolled … Continue reading

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Wednesday Photographs: African Proverbs (a pictoral view)

Once again, it’s Wednesday Photographs on THURSDAY!  Started out with one fun pic from Tanzania to share… then read a wonderful book of African proverbs a dear colleague gave me in TZ (trying to find one for the pic..) Had … Continue reading

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Wednesday Photographs: Water, Water, WATER (!!!)

Since this week we commemorate World Water Day, today’s photographs are all about WATER, a resource many of us (myself included) often take for granted. After living places where every drop had to count (managing a ‘shower’ & washing my hair … Continue reading

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