Mother’s Day Love (in our Hearts!)

It’s hard to celebrate Mother’s Day when our mothers are in Heaven, but today is an opportunity to remember the legacies of our mothers’ love that, in the case of this redhead, will never diminish.

Virginia misses her Mama! As far away as Heaven seems, however, the memories and legacy of Mama’s life continue to fill my heart and with love, hope and joy.

This year to honor Mama here’s a poem I wrote for her years ago on Mother’s Day. Several folks requested a copy when I shared it at her Memorial Celebration service (under sibling pressure that we all share something) so here it is again today.

The Mystery of Magnificent Motherhood

Magnificent Motherhood is a mystery that involves more than just responsibilities and tasks. Special qualities are required:

Magnificent Motherhood is SACRIFICE.

Selflessly sacrificing (all the time) and the last piece of chocolate cake.

Magnificent Motherhood is JOY.

Joy even when illness strikes, the pots overflow, and we act unruly.

Magnificent Motherhood is BEAUTY.

Beauty seen in us (even with pimples) and nurtured in our surroundings.

Magnificent Motherhood is GENEROSITY.

Generously sharing special gifts, checks, and Mr. Madison’s fudge.

Magnificent Motherhood is MUSIC.

Music composed in a heart overflowing with the joy of Jesus.

Magnificent Motherhood is ACTION.

Hugging us, holding our hands, and helping us through each crisis. 

Magnificent Motherhood is PRAYER.

Unceasing prayer – faithful communion with God (often on our behalf.)

Magnificent Motherhood is FAITHFULNESS.

Faithfulness to God (1st) and 58 years (!) with our Papa!

Magnificent Motherhood is LOVE.

Love shared from an inner spring that never diminishes…

It’s actually very simple.

The Mystery of Magnificent Motherhood is


HaPpY Mother’s Day in Heaven, Mama!!

With love & appreciation,

Virginia : )

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16 Responses to Mother’s Day Love (in our Hearts!)

  1. Michelle says:

    Thinking of you today! 💐
    What a sweet and beautiful poem for your mom!

  2. Debbie says:

    Aw, Virginia, I know your mom is smiling down on you today! What a lovely tribute you’ve penned here! Hugs … the virtual kind, of course!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks for your hugs, Debbie (virtual ones appreciated!) I like that image of Mama smiling up above – and I’m sure her smile brightened when I indulged in several chocolate truffles in her honor!! ✨😇✨🍫✨😇

  3. So beautiful, Virginia.❤️

  4. cheriewhite says:

    Such a beautiful dedication to your mother, Virginia. I’m sorry for your loss, but I know she’s watching over you and smiling. ❤

  5. Aritha says:

    Thank you. This is so good to read. My mom dead 4 years ago.

    • Virginia says:

      Aritha, so sorry for the loss of your mom! It’s hard to be motherless on Mother’s Day – and every day for that matter! May the legacy of her love live long in your heart. Much love! 💐✨💜✨💐

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