Passion Sunday: SACRIFICE, an ideal? (for real!)

Today we spent quite a long time listening to the Scriptures – from the triumphant palm waving entry of Jesus into Jerusalem at the beginning of the service to the whole Passion account (Luke’s version) :  the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the trial, the Crucifixion, the burial.  Fr. Sean unpacked it a bit for us by focusing on how we avoid doing what we don’t want to do, or fear doing – or live in fear of what’s coming (like, eventually, death…)

Even Jesus agonized in the Garden…so, too, we do.

Facing death may be a tough challenge, but what gets me most about the Passion is how Jesus sacrificed Himself – for us.  And, you know what? Sacrifice might kinda be a scarier concept than death, because it involves little deaths to self each time we choose to lay our lives down for others…

Onto munching lunch & reading a recent Time Magazine when a quote from G.K. Chesterton popped out:

“the Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

This made me pause… & reflect… on SACRIFICE as an ideal… & so grabbled a few bits of paper & there these ruminations scribbled:

SACRIFICE not necessarily easy or nice…
it’s HARD and TOUGH  to do.

…lay down our lives?
…pick up our crosses?
(Jesus’ yoke making burdens Light –
they’re still there, however much we fight…)

SACRIFICE = a journey
a process, one day at a time
letting go of ourselves
doing the ‘next thing’ –
small steps of faith, small ‘tries’
amidst difficulties, despair, frustrated sighs.

Letting go of what we can’t do…
so God CAN do.  It. Through. Us.
Our sacrifices made aNew.


The Glue
Keeping disparate pieces of our lives
(minds, hearts, spirits)
(no matter the weather…)

‘tis hard, that’s true
laying our lives down…
But, as we try it…
God DOES make us New!

Tis’ a difficult ideal
(for real!!!)

…but a Person to follow
God in man (& woman!)
each day our hearts to fill
Flames of Fire
…Love incarnate on a Cross bleeding
…may our minds & spirits be heeding


To know Him still
each day, in every way

Mercy in forgiving
Grace abounding
Joy in living
Love surrounding…
plus Peace & Understanding
& the Wisdom to do –

acts of kindness, courage & selflessness
without much trumpeted ado.

 All for Him…
Ideals in living – who counts the cost?
Far richer the sacrifice
in Him Who makes ALL things New.

Broken hearts, dashed dreams
…& our stumbles along the way
HE takes us in as we are
from the rough & tumble fray

The Cross, HIS Sacrifice
…Leads us…
Every Day


So, sacrifice? an ideal? … yes, ’tis  possible – in Christ! – for real.

San Giorgio Maggiore crucifix

grace, peace & SACRIFICE

   Virginia :  )

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