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Touching the Wounds of Christ

On this first Friday of Lent, here’s a thought to consider: are we opening our hearts and lives to touch the wounds of Christ? What wounds His heart? “‘Thomas, put your finger in My hands. Put it in My side. … Continue reading

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all through the night

Sometimes night swirls around us with a darkness so dishearteningly deep, it’s hard to sleep. But, God is with us in our bleakest, darkest moments with lanterns of hope. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of … Continue reading

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Transformative Blackbird Grooves

A few weeks before Christmas my neighbor Laurin recommended the movie, “The Big Year.” Since my brother & I like birds (really like them) she thought we would enjoy this movie, based on a book by Mark Obmascik about three … Continue reading

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Blues-Busting Holiday Blues

It’s a week before Christmas and Virginia (the person) has a bad case of holiday blues. The same Virginia almost to her Advent post-a-day gig goal (7 days to go?) Holiday blues? Yup. Incendiary blues from a bad case of … Continue reading

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Have a Cuppa (celebratory) Tea

There are many ways to celebrate Advent, but a dear friend gifted me with a new way this year: an Advent Calendar filled with TEA! Traveling to Germany she brought this unique gift home that has been such a joyful … Continue reading

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Roses in December!

Today, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we honor the faith of Juan Diego, a native Indian in the 16th century who encountered a vision of Mary dressed in native attire on a hill near his village in … Continue reading

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Mary: Let It Be So

Today Catholics all around the world honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus. In our faith tradition, Mary took a huge step of faith with her ‘yes’ to God’s request through Angel Gabriel. She risked death (they stoned pregnant-out-of-wedlock women back … Continue reading

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (& WOMEN!)

Advent is special time to groove to our favorite Christmas carols, but here’s a confession: favorite Christmas compilations sneak into my playlists all year around (Christmas bells ringing in July?) My brother sometimes looks at me askance, but last month … Continue reading

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Everybody (let’s do) Do the Wilbury Twist!!

Amidst horrific shootings in Las Vegas and the aftermath of rampant violence around the world, it’s hard some days to put the next foot forward. Add to that all those recovering from hurricanes in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Texas & … Continue reading

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Multifarious ViNyL 1980s Music (& ever-evolving me)

Last week John Scalzi posted a Crowded House song on his Whatever blog that reminded me of multiple Split Enz albums stashed in storage the past 20+ years. I’d been meaning to unearth my hibernating collection, so launched operation album … Continue reading

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