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…celestial love…

Here’s a prayer to warm our hearts on this Lenten Monday… “Father in Heaven!  You have loved us first, help us never to forget that You are love so that this sure conviction might triumph in our hearts over the … Continue reading

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…peace within… (quickie quote!)

After dashing about the past few days, Virginia (your humble blogger) is wee bit tired.  So today, here’s a meaningful meditation from one of my most favorite saints.. “May today there be peace within.  May you trust God that you … Continue reading

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… trees… trees … trees

Just returned from Mel’s amazing Memorial Celebration. What a testimony of faithfulness and the love of God in and through Mel to so many many many people.  Mel also never lost his awe of God’s creation.  At the service Carol-Jo, … Continue reading

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… Martha, Mary … & flexible trees??

Today while sifting through old emails (trying to find something for my Papa’s 4 Secrets blog – he sent loads of wisdom to his globetrotting daughter!)  i found one that i sent to him eons ago recapping a message that … Continue reading

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A “Rosy” Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Roses in the Rubble!!! May petals of fragrant joy that stem from the Heart of Jesus give you grace to face the thorns in your life today & each day of the New Year.  Remember Christ was … Continue reading

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red bushes blooming in the snow

Here’s the photo I wanted to share yesterday (found it! a day late!) to show that after bleak mid-wintery days the sun does (eventually) shine. That is definitely a comforting thought when the bleaks creak us down. But there’s more … Continue reading

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Advent Illumination

It’s late, so today here’s a picture to contemplate.  Advent is about letting the Light in (& out)… we see so many pretty lights everywhere.   As you’re out & about at night (or enjoying special lights about your home, … Continue reading

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Dreary Day Doldrums

Dark gray skies + damp cold drizzles = a dreary day.   It’s easy to sink into dreary day doldrums (especially when tucked under warm blankies) … how to get out?  (of bed?! and the doldrums!?) I don’t know about you, … Continue reading

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A.W.O.L. bloggers ….& August flowers

After that nice blog-cation, Virginia the Blogger went A.W.O.L. the past month for Several  Reasons. Yes, it’s summer & that seems like a good reason all by itself, but a Bigger Reason remains:  A NEW LAPTOP. Why (the heck) would … Continue reading

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Caught by a Thought: Ansel Adams

Last Sunday my sister, Shere, came over so my brother & i could zoom down to the Fragile Waters Exhibit at the Mariners Museum in Newport News. We were absolutely mesmerized by the 100 (ONE HUNDRED) nature photographs of water … Continue reading

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