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…Peace vs. Pieces….

This is not about the Middle East peace process, altho a dear Anglican pastor in Ramallah, Rev. Audeh Rantisi, highlighted this phrase time & again (after Oslo when the West Bank was ‘carved into pieces.’)  No… Virginia, your humble blogger … Continue reading

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Life is a GIFT, truly it IS. Especially when everything in a moment gets turned upside down. ‘Everything’ is a broad contextualization for recent goings-on with Virginia, your more-than-slightly battered blogger. Maybe I better explain… Last Friday morning while driving … Continue reading

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Suffering, Pain & (optional) Misery….

Someone once said, “Pain & suffering are inevitable; misery is optional.”   ‘Tis true, methinks (unless you’re suffering from kidney stones when misery is a sure thing.) Still, misery can be a choice.  Which means not being miserable is also a … Continue reading

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caught by a (Sunday) thought…

Catchy phrase – ‘caught by a thought.’  Kinda appropriate for Roses in the Rubble regular visage since I like (& share!) quotes so much. And today, with the Gospel reading about Peter & John FISHING (& not catching anything, at … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Roses in the Rubble:
Since this week we commemorate World Water Day, today’s photographs are all about WATER, a resource many of us (myself included) often take for granted. After living places where every drop had to count…

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Originally posted on Roses in the Rubble:
As we commemorate World Water Day there is certainly lots to celebrate. Since this day began 19 years ago many more people (2 billion) have access to safe water globally.  Yaaay! However, 11%…

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…a bit of Yellowstone (&Thomas à Kempis…)

Here’s a cool pic taken in Yellowstone Park awhile back…“God who is eternal, infinite, supremely mighty, does great & unfathomable things in heaven and in earth, and there is no understanding His wonderful works.  If the works of God could … Continue reading

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…lost &…FOUND(!)

ok, so you know what it’s like to lose something? or misplace something for a Very Long Time?   It happens.  But isn’t it just So Very Joyful when you find what you’ve lost & have been missing?  Yippee! Yiaaayye! Yahooaye! … Continue reading

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….ice cream? gelato?… it’s all good!

“My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy the ice cream on your plate.“  Thornton Wilder (1897 – 1875) While visiting Italy a few years ago, one of my travel buddies was really into … Continue reading

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so, it’s a wee bit past Christmas, but i would think that after having Baby Jesus (childbirth is quite a labor-intensive process) Mary & Joseph probably hung out in Bethlehem a Few More Days (actually, since they were still around … Continue reading

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