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The holidays can be occasions for great joy, but also deep sorrow when loved ones are no longer with us. My Papa and then Mama passed over five years ago. There’s still a huge hole in my heart that throbs … Continue reading

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25 October: PAPA! PAPA! PAPA!

Today is my papa’s birthday. This would have been a big one to celebrate: 90 years. How I miss him, especially today. The fact that he was 83 when he passed is no small miracle. As a quadriplegic for over … Continue reading

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Prickly Pear Poetry

T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men has been one of my favorite poems since high school (along with Langston Hughes’ Harlem – What happens to a dream deferred?) Today here are prickly pear bits from T.S. Eliot’s poetry to contemplate… Shape … Continue reading

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T-shirt Tours: Trust issues @ Yellowstone Park

Virginia’s t-shirt tours continue in Yellowstone Park. Years ago my younger brother and I spent a memorable 4th of July week with my mentor and friend Bill Warnock at his beautiful cabin in West Yellowstone, Montana. (How I miss Bill … Continue reading

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Teatime with Mama…

Yesterday was the memorial of my precious Mama’s passing. Oh, how I miss her! Mama, enjoying tea + treat I sent this pic out to my siblings yesterday after finding it in the recesses of my iPhone. Mama always enjoyed … Continue reading

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Fatherless on Father’s Day (again!)

On Father’s Day here’s a post shared awhile back that resonates today… Cherished and adored, two words that remind me of my father. And loved. Although it’s been several years since Papa passed, there’s still a crater-sized hole in my … Continue reading

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Peace and Understanding

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” George R.R. Martin This redhead understands what it’s like to be afraid. As a survivor of violence (as posted here previously:#MeToo) I experienced feelings of abject terror, even in broad daylight. For years fear fractured … Continue reading

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Ethereal Mother’s Day HUGS!

Once again it’s Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate our mothers with flowers, chocolates and special treats. This is also a day many of us miss our mamas. Mama with two of her favorite things: chocolates & flowers It’s not … Continue reading

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MAMA: Occasions of Joy

March is a month of remembrances for my family: Papa’s passing on March 8th, Mama’s birthday on March 15th, and their anniversary on March 17th. Today Mama would have turned 85. We were so blessed to celebrate her 80th birthday … Continue reading

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Missing My Papa (still!!)

Tomorrow, 08 March, is the memorial of my precious Papa’s passing. Although it has been a few years, I still miss him (so much!) And Mama (so much!) The two of them left a huge legacy of love with me, … Continue reading

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