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Rio Olympics: Inspiration in victory… and defeat(!)

The Summer Olympics in Rio are winding down, but what a thrilling ride it’s been as athletes pushed the envelope of what’s possible, crushing world records with physical acumen and dedication, that we, the world watching, can hardly fathom the … Continue reading

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We interrupt Virginia’s regularly scheduled blogging with a STORM WARNING: Duck, hide, run for shelter… a storm is on the way (actually, it’s here!) This afternoon while munching lunch, minding my own business (occasionally jotting notes for today’s other blog) … Continue reading

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…sparking initiatives…

It’s Sunday night, already! Since Virginia your blogger is very pooped after a very full weekend, this post is a short thought for our minds and hearts to contemplate.  Don’t be fooled by short — read it more than once … Continue reading

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watch out, waves astern!!

Not just little ‘ole waves, but GIGANTIC 60-footers knock brave boaters about in the movie, “The Finest Hours.”  My brother and I saw it in the theater last weekend. What a fine movie!  (Fine because it’s called The Finest Hours … Continue reading

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…easter alleluias…

CHRIST IS RISEN!!! Alleluia, Alleluia… 40+ days ago we began our Lenten journey in the desert looking for the embrace of Christ & landed yesterday in eternal waterfalls of His love and mercy that never run dry. Through the Cross … Continue reading

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the cross & suffering … (quickie quote!)

Out all day at an amazing ICM Women’s Conference (more on that later) so here’s a quote for this Saturday in Lent to keep our minds focused on the Cross. “What has the Cross given to those who have gazed … Continue reading

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walking, walking….

Here’s a quickie quote for our minds to munch on: “Sometimes we think that if the Lord comes into our lives, He will change us.  Yes, we do change: it is called conversion.  But He does not act ‘like a … Continue reading

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Love in the sand… (uh, a good kind of love)

Here’s a quote for our minds (& hearts) to munch on this second day of Advent: “Love invites us to move forward without numbing ourselves to reality, without being like ostriches burying their heads in the sand in face of … Continue reading

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…the GIFT of tears…

Crying is a gift? To many of us that might seem rather contraindicated (considering runny mascara, red rimmed eyes & emotional turbulence) but the Gift of Tears is actually considered a charism of the Holy Spirit. Many saints (especially those … Continue reading

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Pope Francis… & prayer….

Tufts of white smoke wafting above the Vatican & we have a New Pope!!!  This evening (Italian time)  the world welcomed Pope Francis at the 265th successor to Peter.   Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, is the … Continue reading

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